City Hall Corruption - Joe Bray-Ali for Council District 1

City Hall Corruption

Our housing crisis, environmental clean ups, transit expansion, and resistance to federal deportations and profiling require campaign finance reform to accomplish real change. Only when City Hall politicians are accountable to the people can we expect them to serve the people.

My campaign is a grassroots movement funded by neighbors like you. Over 500 individual donors, many of whom are first-time contributors to a political candidate demonstrative of the capacity for grassroots campaign to speak truth to power on important issues like development, safe streets, and homelessness. I am the only candidate in Council District 1 to have qualified for the 2:1 public funding match in my district’s race - and I believe this city policy has ensured my grassroots campaign has a fighting chance in this primary election.

When your council member receives half his money from millionaire developers do you expect him to rein in irresponsible development?

I support the recent proposal to ban campaign contributions from developers - this is a needed step to addressing a larger destructive effect of money in politics. Incumbents stock their war chests with an unending supply of dark money in the form of independent expenditures that finance attack mailers.

When your representative is backed by corporate polluters like Chevron can you expect him to stop oil drilling in our City?

I support AB 700 which prescribes the disclosure of the top three financial supporters of independent expenditure committees in print and on airwaves.  At the city level, the $100,000 cap on public matched funds, however, is easily overcome by incumbents who regularly enjoy 3xs that amount in their war chest, along with an unending supply of dark money in the form of independent expenditures that finance attack mailers. I support barring donations from developers to campaign committees, and propose independent expenditure political spending be taxed 100% to fund an increase in public matching funds available to qualified candidacies.

Our City is spending more on Wall Street brokers than on our broken streets and struggling communities.

I have analyzed the city budgets every year for the past decade, tracking each item line in transportation and in fiscal management and I’m appalled that Los Angeles spends more on management fees as it borrows from Wall Street corporations like Wells Fargo to cover its budget deficits than allocates to crucial municipal repairs and services.

With crumbling sidewalks, aging water mains and a strong need to invest in future transportation expansion and environmental cleanup on the Los Angeles River and Arroyo Seco, our City needs to get its financial house in order to accomplish these improvements under the threat of losing federal funding as retribution for affirming our democratic values.

As a small business owner who has built a sustainable business with a public good at its core, I will be the best advocate for regular working citizens and small business owners as we tackle rein in the misappropriation of city funds and subsidies to predatory lenders, corporate polluters and mega-developers.