Community Endorsements - Joe Bray-Ali for Council District 1

Community Endorsements

Read what the community says in support of Joe! 


"Joe Bray-Ali is the one I trust to return our district to the care of a responsive municipal government that works with the community to build for an equitable future,” said Miguel Ramos, Community Housing and Equity Advocate. “Joe knows the issues in our neighborhoods, and I believe he will balance the needs of the most vulnerable against the wealth of our great city. ”

"No elected official has more consequence over our everyday lives than your city council representative. As a long-time Montecito Heights resident with great concern for our open spaces, I know we need to change our representation in order to expect protections against irresponsible development and loss of park space and wildlife habitats. For these reasons - and more - I support Joe Bray-Ali," said Jack Fenn, Open Space Advocate and Community Activist. 

“With Joe in City Hall we'll finally have a representative accountable to the people first - and not to special interest money that rule Los Angeles city politics,” says Eden McFadden, Assembly District Delegate AD51 and former Bernie Sanders Delegate, CD34. “Housing, development and the environment are all issues that suffer from the influence of corporations over City priorities. With Joe on the Council I trust we’ll have a fighter ready to stand up for street safety and the integrity of our neighborhoods.”

Community leaders joining Miguel, Eden and Jack in support of Joe include:

  • Miguel Ramos, Community Housing and Equity Advocate
  • Eden McFadden, AD51 Delegate, former Sanders Delegate CD34
  • Jack Fenn - Community Activist, Open Space Advocate
  • Harvey Slater – President Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council
  • Monica Alcaraz - Past President HHPNC; Community Relations, Recycled Resources
  • Rebecca Prine - Director, Recycled Resources for the Homeless
  • Glen Curado - Founder and Director, World Food Bank
  • Viviana Franco - Director, From Lot to Spot
  • Mark Vallianatos - Co-Founder Abundant Housing LA, NELA Transit Advocate
  • Severin Martinez – Board Member, Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society
  • Ben Disinger - Glassell Park Neighborhood Council
  • Molly Taylor - Glassell Park resident
  • Andrew Garsten - Echo Park Improvement Association
  • Tad Yenawine - Echo Park Neighborhood Council
  • Charles Miller – Garvanza resident, Garvanza Improvement Association
  • Tina Miller – Garvanza resident, Member, Garvanza Improvement Association
  • Planaria Price, Writer and Community Advocate & Murray Burns, Preservationist


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