Environment and Parks - Joe Bray-Ali for Council District 1

Environment and Parks

"Joe Bray-Ali is a champion for the environment in his public and private life and will be a critical addition to LA City Council. He is a leader in the fight for environmental justice, public access to parks, clean air and water, and the revitalization of the Arroyo Seco and Los Angeles River."  - Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters


Council District 1 pays a heavy environmental, health, and economic cost to maintain our status quo. I’ll stand up to the vested interests that use our lives and our environment as a dumping ground. Sadly, City Hall is beholden to corporate polluters like Oil and Rail who pay in the form of campaign contributions to avoid costly cleanup responsibilities. Since I am accountable to the community I will end this practice of neglect and fight for toxic waste to be removed from our garden beds and playgrounds.

When I look at the issue of the environment I try to see where, as an individual council member, I can have an immediate, low-cost and high-yield impact. My short list of priorities includes a ban on the use or sale of polystyrene foam in Los Angeles.

I am an ardent advocate for the parks in Council District 1. Providing access to green and open space builds equity within disadvantaged communities. A robust parks department that is providing for safe, clean, and friendly parks experiences will enrich the lives of young and old as they experience our city. I am specifically calling for the implementation of the master plan for Elysian Park, the acquisition of Flat Top to city parks property, and finally, I will oppose development that threatens our open spaces and wildlife refuges, like Walnut Canyon.

I’m passionate about low-cost, human scale, projects to improve conditions for average residents and businesses without requiring large amounts of public or private dollars. Using and expanding our network of community gardens, repair co-operatives, and partnering with community non-profits will help thousands of residents deal with home heating, food production, waste disposal, cooking, water, and energy production needs.

Finally, we need to deal with the high costs of our transportation systems. Our district includes some of the most transit-dependent, low car ownership rate, populations in the city. We have several large cancer clusters due to transportation-related air pollution. Our parks and neighborhoods are cut off from each other by poor street design and outdated transportation planning decisions. Using the Great Streets and Vision Zero policies spearheaded by our mayor, I intend on reforming our neighborhood streets and commercial boulevards.

From the high-level policy work to the backyard garden in need of some skilled attention, I look forward to working for a sustainable, resilient, and healthy city.