homelessness - Joe Bray-Ali for Council District 1

Homelessness in CD1

With over 40,000 homeless persons in our City, and with 2,000 individuals specifically in CD1, the time has come to review and apply a comprehensive approach to addressing this systemic issue in Los Angeles.


Approximately 3 out of 4 homeless persons on the street today have lived in our City or County for over 20 years. While concerted efforts have driven down veterans and family homelessness rates in the past few years, we still have serious work ahead to reduce both the general population of homelessness, and specifically target reforms to shelter and assist LGBT homeless - many of whom are youth.

I have witnessed first hand the positive effect of community organizations and volunteers to provide shelter service to our local homeless with dignity and respect. These community organizations should be given more government assistance, and my council office will provide support and resource assistance to existing community groups so they may scale and expand their service.

Secondly, as council member I will spearhead a thorough renovation and cleanup of City Park public restrooms. Whether you are walking your dog, enjoying a park with your family, or living on the street, the City can and should provide safe, well-lit and clean restrooms for all members of the public to utilize responsibly. In many ways, this small effort will contribute to rehumanizing our approach to transient populations by establishing a baseline access to hygienic care.

Finally, as a City we need to identify where and how we will construct single residence occupancy housing, and assist in placing homeless men and women into supportive housing while also problem solving health and substance abuse issues that prevent our homeless from regaining their footing and on the path to housing. 

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