Josef ‘Joe’ Bray-Ali was born in Los Angeles. He earned his B.A. degree from University of California at Santa Barbara. The middle son of a mixed-ethnicity couple, Joe lives in Lincoln Heights with his wife Susan and their young daughter.

Joe’s first job after college was as a field representative in Artesia for California Assemblymember Rudy Bermudez. There he learned the art of governing first hand. Joe knows the importance of collaboration and consensus.

After his experience in government, Joe was a project manager for a residential property developer in the San Gabriel Valley.  Joe’s vision for housing in the district is focused on preserving existing communities, while supporting new, small scale, incremental, development that is at scale with each individual neighborhood. Joe understands housing policy and knows how it needs to change.

Joesef Bray-Ali repairing a bicycle wheel at the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop.For nearly a decade, Joe has owned and operated the Flying Pigeon LA bicycle shop on North Figueroa. Joe has kept his door open through tough economic times. By hosting events and meetings, he has turned his shop into a community space in a neighborhood that needs more of it. Joe knows what it takes to manage a small business.

Joe is probably best known for his passionate advocacy for safer streets in District 1. The first community meeting to establish the ‘Figueroa For All’ campaign, which advocates for greater pedestrian and bicycle safety on North Figueroa, met in his shop in 2009. Working with neighbors and friends, Joe brought the fight for safe streets to city hall and countless community meetings. Joe knows what it means to stand up for our community.

Joe has what it takes to win this race!

More About Joe’s Place in the Community

Joe’s community work started more than a decade ago in his Highland Park garage, which he repurposed as a bike repair collective that he called the ‘Bike Oven.’ The workshop brought people together to share expertise and tools, with an each-one-teach-one philosophy.

A few years later Joe, with his brother Adam, opened the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop. Since 2012, Joe has run the shop as a one man operation. He has had to do it all: selling and repairing bicycles; doing the bookkeeping; cleaning the floors; and chasing down loose ball bearings.

Flying Pigeon LA is not just a business on North Figueroa – it is a community center. It is the point from which Joe organizes and hosts group rides to galleries, breweries, and restaurants as well as community meetings, screenings, book readings, and more. Wave if you see him in the morning commuting, crisscrossing the district to a community meeting, or riding his daughter to school.Bakfiets Cargobike