Meet Joe - Joe Bray-Ali for Council District 1

Meet Joe

Joe is a grassroots organizer and small business owner who is running to represent his community by building a movement with neighbors. When elected he will restore basic municipal services and open a responsive council office. 

Community Organizer – Figueroa For All

Family_Image_4.jpgJoe has been on the forefront advocating for safe streets for over a decade in North East Los Angeles; most recently with the ‘Figueroa For All’ campaign to bring pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements to the North Figueroa corridor.

Joe is best known for his passionate advocacy for safer streets in District 1. The first community meeting to establish the ‘Figueroa For All’ campaign, which advocates for greater pedestrian and bicycle safety on North Figueroa, met in his shop in 2009. Working with neighbors and friends, Joe brought the fight for safe streets to city hall and countless community meetings.

Repairing-Wheel-300x225.jpgSmall Business – Flying Pigeon LA

For nearly a decade, Joe has owned and operated the Flying Pigeon LA bicycle shop on North Figueroa. Joe has kept his doors open through tough economic times. By hosting events and meetings, he turned his shop into a community space in a neighborhood that needs more of it.

He has had to do it all: selling and repairing bicycles; doing the bookkeeping; cleaning the floors; and chasing down loose ball bearings.

Like all small business owners in Los Angeles, Joe has had to deal with the tremendous strain that local, state, and federal agencies place on small business. He will be there for small business owners in this district, and in the city – to support the people that pay more than their fair share of the costs of local government.