Prioritizing Community Public Safety - Joe Bray-Ali for Council District 1

Prioritizing Public Safety


Violent crime is on the rise in Los Angeles for the third year in a row; robberies, assaults, and homicides were all up in 2016. The upward swing in crime over the past few years shows that our City needs to invest in preventative measures and promote community involvement in our policing.


Basic steps that will improve the safety of our streets include improving street lighting in dark corridors that often provide haven for unlawful activities. Second to that, ensuring our Parks Departments have the required resources to maintain cleanliness in our parks will also discourage illicit activity in our public spaces.


As a former Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council member I know how important it is to maintain strong relationships with LAPD Senior Lead Officers, to attend and participate in Community Police Advisory Boards, and to coordinate efforts with City Attorney’s Neighborhood Prosecutors assigned to combat nuisances in our community.  My council office will encourage the flow of information from community to police to ensure the LAPD is problem-solving and not just patrolling our communities.

In addition to day to day public safety issues related to crime, our City needs to fully prepare itself against climate catastrophes and earthquakes. This requires working with our LA Fire Departments to be sure the have the proper resources to cover and quell any dangers in our communities and that they are prepared to act a time of crisis. My office will prioritize strengthening our district fire departments by fighting to fund them in the name of keeping my constituents safe.

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