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    A: What is your position to get sidewalks fixed in the area which are dangerous for walking and have caused numerous injuries. What about having one way street signs posted, street lights installed so it’s not pitch dark for walking especially in the winter. What’s your position on people and real estate agents adding additions on their properties without permits with huge cracks and not meeting any safety regulations. What is your position on cracking down on overgrown trees that could fall in damage properties around them. I have lived her for a year now and never once seen a patrol car in the area and often after around midnight I have seen young adults under 17 hanging out at street corners. When will these issues be addressed? How do you plan on addressing real estate agents who are deceptive and selling properties and not disclosing necessary information taking advantage of first time home buyers especially women. Any plans for protecting those consumers?
  • Q: Tell Us What Matters to You?
    A: The homeless and making sure they are safe and are able to get resources. People need to stop demonizing them and their belongings on our streets. I worry about the affordable housing in our neighborhoods going to the wrong people. There are people taking advantage of this.. I would like to see those who sincerely need it, be the ones who are living in those spaces. Gentrification scares me more than anyone. I have lived in this community my whole life without being involved with the gangs, drugs, etc. that newcomers love to claim they are “cleaning out”. I was upset by one anonymous question that was said at the last meeting where someone suggested more gang injunctions.. That is awful. What I want people to know as someone who is a native from NELA.. I love mi gente. We have different experiences, and we don’t need to be changed. We just need minor adjustments. I know a lot of these young artist types are trying to swap out who/what was already here. The hatred and inconsideration is not needed. If that’s what they came here to live and/or open a business for then they are doing the wrong thing. Not sure why gentrification is necessary in order for us to have anything “nice”. I hope this can be addressed correctly. Thank you.
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    A: Los Angeles in general (and Northeast Los Angeles in particular) should expand and simplify the process for homeowners that live on premises, to permit and build Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs. We should also consider retroactively permitting existing code compliant ADUs. Los Angeles desperately needs more affordable housing and by allowing ADUs on R1 and R2 lots we will be giving the financial benefits of increased density to local residents instead of big developers. As an added benefit, by offering homeowners that have lived in the neighborhood for decades to pathway build wealth and value while retailing ownership and residency of their home while bringing new rentable units online at all price points we ensure that Northeast LA stays diverse and affordable.
  • Q: Tell Us What Matters to You?
    A: Cedillo killed AB1617 in 2006, a bill by then Assemblymember Carol to create a more favorable sales process for the 450+ tenants living in Caltrans properties along the 710 Corridor in El Sereno, South Pasadena, and Pasadena. Cedillo allowed Caltrans to delay selling these properties, and many tenants were forced out by rent increases and others died. Now, 12 years later the sales are commencing thanks to Gov. Jerry Brown.
    Cedillo personally killed AB1617 in the Senate committee by twice abstaining and twice convincing other Democrats to abstain.
    The key committee votes occurred 7-12-2005 (4Y-5N- 5A) and 6-27-2006 (5Y – 5N – 4A).
    On the second vote, just one more Democrat vote would have passed the bill.
    This was after AB1617 passed the Assembly 68-7 and the first Senate committee 6-5.
    If it had made it to the floor it would have passed the Senate.
    Cedillo personally killed AB1617.
    - – - Christopher Sutton 2-13-2017
  • Q: Tell Us What Matters to You?
    A: Homeless and the mess that the tent cities create on our streets
  • Q: Tell Us What Matters to You?
    A: A little bit of white paint on the street to help separate bikes from cars. I cycle through your district several days a week to get to my office at USC. More bikes in a bike lane makes for less cars in the car lane. Thanks Joe, Good Luck!
  • Q: Tell Us What Matters to You?
    A: Joe: My name is Adam – I used to work for Mayor Garcetti and am a Deputy City Attorney in the Safe Neighborhoods & Gang Division. I live in Eagle Rock but am moving to Mount Washington in a couple of weeks. I would like to help you. Please reach out – 818-314-2468
  • Q: Tell Us What Matters to You?
    A: Hi,

    Measure S matters to me. I’m curious about your opinion on Measure S and how it will impact home owners and renters. For those below who are interested in Tenants Rights and Affordable Housing, read up on Measure S.

    @joe – would it be possible to get a video response or written response with your view regarding this issue?

    Jon J
  • Q: Tell Us What Matters to You?
    A: Expand rent control! Protect longtime tenants and business owners! P.S.: Your website should be in Spanish if you really want to reach more of the community.
  • Q: Tell Us What Matters to You?
    A: Tenants’ rights
  • Q: Tell Us What Matters to You?
    A: Affordable housing.
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